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This Is our Philosophy: Success Can Be Prepared!

One of our essential perceptions is that any kind of success is determined solely by people.

With this belong proper basic conditions and local contacts. Having us for partners, success can be prepared!


  • You are preparing an event in Beijing and Shanghai – but you are not familiar with local conditions?

  • You are looking for a suitable ambient to accommodate your event – but you do not talk Chinese?

  • You have a fixed budget – but you do not know about local cost-effectiveness?

  • You are looking for a partner with whom to treat your idea in a familiar language?

You would like to have a reliable partner who knows about local conditions and will accompany you on a part of your road through China?

If you answered all these questions with an emphatic YES - then you have found your contact partner!

Ask us to give you a non-commitant offer – so that your performance in China will be successful